Galileo Engineering – Our company was established in 1998. We’ve been working with leading companies in Italy and abroad. We specialize in embedded control systems, with matching mechanical design.

Product showcase

BLE PID Valve Controller

CVP-BT is an electronic, miniaturized proporzional PID controller with DIN 43650 – ISO 4400 connector, for open loop driving of proportional electric valves as commonly used in hydraulic circuits. It is controlled by a latest generation microprocessor and with 2.4GHz Bluetooth interface, through which all the control parameters can be remotely set and adjusted via an Android app.

oXigen 2.4GHz RT system

oXigen is a wireless 2.4 GHz hardware and software system which provides real time distributed control under the supervision of a remote PC. It consists of a star network of highly configurable actuators, intelligent bridge units and sensors/actuators. The firmware of each unit can be updated with a dedicated app (also a web interface with pay-in capability) or a PC program.

Batteryless 2.4 flow meter

The batteryless flow meter is a device in which a micro generator powers a small electronic board which monitors the flow of a liquid whose flow and temperature are read and sent to a central PC unit on a 2.4GHz oXigen net. The loss of flow stops the generator, thus triggering an alarm on the central PC. Ideal for injection presses for plastic material where coolant control is paramount.

BITURBOX fuse box upgrade

BITURBOX is a complete and plug and play replacement for the inner workings and fuses of the fuse box (Maserati part No. 313020104 and fuse cover lid 31302339) used in all the Maserati Biturbo family cars, from 1991 to 1994. Fromt the original Biturbo to the Shamal, we got them all covered, except the ABS versions. Say goodbye to the electric gremlins and enjoy your classic Maserati the way it is intended!

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